Friday, March 8, 2013

It's back!

Okay, kind of a weird thing to get excited about, but Jubilee Kitchen Wax is back!

It's now made by Malco Products Inc., and at this point you can only order it by the case (12 bottles for $45.00.)  I emailed the company and they assure me that they "hope to have distribution in the grocery and hardware stores in the near future."

My grandma used this stuff, my mom used it and now I'd like to use it. Originally it was meant for appliances to keep them nice and clean, but then people started finding other uses for it. Mom used to use it on doors and woodwork to keep the grimy fingerprints of two small boys at bay (I will use it for that same purpose, though the culprits are two grown men.) I also want to use it on the vanity in the bathroom, as the wax in it helps keep things (toothpaste) from sticking. I have also heard of people using it on bathroom tiles to keep soap scum from forming, but I don't know if I'd have the patience to apply it to my whole shower.  It's good for windowsills, too.

I love this commercial with Jane Wyatt (one of Mom's faves) making everything in her kitchen nice and shiny:

Nobody believes you cleaned your own kitchen, Jane.

By the way, nobody paid me to say all this--it was my own idea and all opinions are my own.  So there.

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