Monday, April 21, 2014

Thrifting Finds #53: Yeah, I got nothin'

To get right to the point, I found squaddoo this weekend.  We made a few stops on Saturday but nothing good turned up.  Sunday being Easter, the thrifts were closed.

Which is a shame, actually, because Hubs and I went to Bro's for Easter dinner and passed by a Goodwill we had never been to before.  Dang.  Always like to discover a new thrift and unfortunately, we don't get up to that neck of the woods very often.

So yeah.  The only thing interesting enough to report is what happened on April 15.  Tax Day dawned gray and gloomy, which only seems appropriate, no?  The wind blew, the rain...rained.  All in all it was the kind of weather I like (really), until Hubs came in from the balcony to announce that it was snowing.

On April 15.



So the next morning, I got to scrape off the cars one more time because why should our weather be normal?

Anyway, all of us here at the Fondue Corporate Offices hope you all had a wonderful Easter and hopefully we'll return next week with some fabulous finds.

Oh. Almost forgot to mention that I tried my hand at making some peanut butter fudge.  Hubby's reaction:  "Shame on you for making me taste that!"  I took half to Bro's house and I'm betting his half isn't going to last any longer than ours.  The fudge turned out to be the exact taste and texture of the inside of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.  Next time, I'm dipping the squares in milk chocolate.

Basho sez "Happy Easter!"

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  1. I'd like that recipe please! no shame here--I often have times when I'm scrambling for finds.

    1. Your wish is my command!
      Only change I made is that I used evaporated milk (plus a little water) instead of regular. I think the regular would scorch.