Monday, May 5, 2014

Thrifting Finds #55: Here We Go Again!

Greetings, fellow Thrifters!

Before I start bemoaning the sorry state of affairs at the local thrift stores, it's time for me to start kvetching about the weather.

Bet you thought I was done with that, didn't you?  Ha!

Actually, I'm not going to complain, just report.  Last Wednesday I took off work so I could scrub floors (really) and we had rain.  Crazy rain. Insane rain.  Every time I thought it couldn't rain any more, the heavens opened up again.  It was wild.

Let me explain that I love rain.  But this was a bit much, as it caused significant flooding and damage.  Oh, and washed away a street in Baltimore:

Skip ahead to the 1:00 mark to watch it get even worse.

So yeah.  Too much rain.

I was remiss last week in reporting something (darn this short-term memory!)  Hubs and I went to another estate sale.  This was totally different from the previous  one.  This one was more of a downsizing sale--all they had was decorative furniture, knicknacks, crystal, silver, and wall art.  And not cheap, either.  There was no kitchen stuff, no linens, nothing of a practical nature.  

Hubs and I really liked the house, though.

Anyway, fast forward to this past weekend.  Hubs had to go in to the office and do some work and I went along to help, which meant we didn't get to do our usual Sunday rounds.  We hit a couple of places but that was it.  I only managed to snag one thing:

1.  DVD Recorder!  Some of you may be asking Didn't we go through this already?  We did, indeed!  Unfortunately, that one didn't work out too well, so we're using this one, which is significantly better.  Need to find a decent remote for it.  Goodwill, $20.00

And that's it for the thrifted finds.  I do, however have a 

Bargain O' The Week!

A: Tide!  I've never tried this particular version before, but it's Tide, you know?  From CVS:
Regular price:  $6.99
Sale price:        $2.94
Coupon:           $2.00
Net price:          $0.94

FreedomPop Update:

Much as I like the idea of FreedomPop, not to mention the price, I have to give up on it.  Turns out I can't make or receive calls from the two places I need to most.  I'll check back in sometime in the future and see if anything's changed but for now, I'm cancelling my account and returning the phone.

My new obsession is Ring Plus.  The plan that fits me best is significantly more expensive than FreedomPop (400 minutes, 400 texts, 300mB data for $12/month including taxes) but the service doesn't rely on VoIP for calls, which is where the problem lay for me. Even at that price, it'll be $25/month cheaper than Virgin Mobile, so that's still some significant savings.
There are some advantages, too:  I can port my old phone number (couldn't with FP) and the service works with Blue Tooth (doesn't with FP, but they're working on it.)
I've ordered a new phone and once I have everything set up I'll report back.

And that's it for this week, kids!  Geez, I hope things pick up at the thrifts soon; I'm getting tired of walking out empty-handed.

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  1. I feel sorry for the people who lost their cars in Baltimore, it was even worse in Pensacola Florida where entire streets caved in from 20 inches of rain.

    Try explaining that one to the boss, "I can't come to work today, there are no buses, no trains and no STREETS."

    April showers was more like April Monsoon.

    1. As I say, I like rain. I like rain a lot. But I don't like rain that causes damage like this. In all my life, I don't ever remember seeing that amount of rain in one day.

  2. I'd love to see sale prices like that in Canada! Sometimes a sale price is $6.99!

    1. Whoo. There's no way I would spend seven bucks on a bottle of detergent! And CVS is overpriced to begin with, so that bottle would probably cost about 5 bucks at Walmart. Still, I can't argue with $0.94, no matter where I get it!

  3. Whoa, that video is just unbelievable! I wasn't braced quite for that! Well, I assume no one was hurt hopefully. Better luck with this DVR, Bob! Thanks so much for sharing this at History & Home this week, take care - Dawn @ We Call It

    1. I don't think anyone was hurt, but people on that street had to leave their houses. It's a huge mess, but the city is being pretty good about helping them.

  4. I bought two of those bottles of Tide a while back because they were already super cheap, even without the coupons. Seems to work just as well as regular Tide.


    1. Good to know. Right now, I'd say we have a year's supply of detergent in stock!

  5. That's a really good price on Tide, I will have to check it out.

    Good luck with the new recorder - used electronics can be iffy sometimes :/

    1. So far, so good with the recorder. I figure that even if I end up with a lemon, the money went to a good cause so I don't get too upset over it.
      I don't expect to get Tide for that price again any time soon. I got a sample of Tide in the mail from CVS with a store-specific coupon. So I just waited until CVS put Tide on sale and then swooped in!

  6. that whole street eating a car thing is FREAKY as hell--we're 70˚+ and sunny up in here in the new tropics of Alaska!

    1. Apparently, some local musician has written a song about it!