Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thrifting Finds #80: It happened!

Well kids, despite the title of this post, there will be absolutely no discussion of Thrifting Finds, for the simple reason that there haven't been any.  To tell the truth, hubs and I haven't really been out thrifting in months because

Fondue Headquarters has moved!

Yes, it actually happened on June 15 and let me tell you, hubs and I are pooped.  I'd like to report that the new HQ looks lovely, but if I did, I'd get struck down for lying.  Here are some pictures from the day we moved in:

The Dining Room!

Eagle-eyed viewers will notice there's no dining room table.  That's because the one we had was an antique and while lovely, not as practical as I want.  So it went to auction and now we're in the market for a dining room set.  Though it's obscured by a rolled-up rug, that's our new china cabinet in the background.  It's a bit smaller than I would have preferred, but I really like it.  It's a Stanley, and I got it on CL for $175.  I probably could have gotten the price down but I was too tired.  P.S. The dining room looks somewhat better now.

The Living Room!

It's a new look I'm calling Early Garbage Dump.  You'll be reading all about it in the latest issue of Bitter Homes and Gardens.  If anything, the living room looks a little worse now.  I don't know how that happened.  Notice the complete lack of seating.  There are actually two new chairs:

but no sofa yet.  It'll look interesting for a while.

The Master Bedroom!

Though not perfect, I'll admit that the master bedroom looks a lot better now.  I think I only have a couple more boxes still to deal with, and then some decorating touches (or as close as I ever get to them.)

The Guest Room!

Not a whole lot of progress here, I'm afraid, but I do have the desk set up so that I can pay bills again.  One more bookcase has to be added and then I can start unpacking and getting organized.  I don't think we're going to have guests any time soon, so we're safe.

The Family Room!

Again, this looks much better today.  The Anga (Ikea wall system, shining example of the world's worst engineering) is up after much trauma, and restocked with most of my collection of vintage toys. There's some overflow, but I'm going to try to put them in the guest room.

There's no picture of the third bedroom, as that is our Room of Shame.  Everything that we don't know what to do with gets shoved in there.  It's sort of like a second-floor basement.

What else?  Hubs' bathroom and the powder room still need to be painted.  (Pssst!  Wanna be shocked?  Look what the previous owners did to the powder room.  Bonus points if you can find the electrical outlet:


The kitchen needs some work as well, and by "work" I mean "needs to be completely redone but there's no money for that so we're going to have to live with it."  Ooh, I should probably take a picture of the new washer and dryer--they look like little space pods!

Okay, there's lots more to tell (like the story of Jethro moving the refrigerator for me...), and we're meeting with our wonderful Realtor tomorrow to get the old condo on the market, but I'm at work and should probably do some--I have mortgage payments to make!

P.S.  Made baked chicken chimichangas the other night and they were delish.  I'll look for the recipe if anyone wants it.  Am also making pickles for the first time, but I'm skeptical; the brine has no vinegar in it and it's looking mighty murky if you ask me.


  1. Congrats on the new digs! I hate moving, so I will live vicariously through your photos. Which is a subtle hint for more photos. :)

    1. I will be happy to post more photos when things start looking better. Say, 2022 or so :) Actually, we have someone coming out to clean the couch in the family room (now that we have sunlight, I can see how awful everything is...) so once that's done, I can take a couple snaps of that.

  2. Oh my, that bathroom. Must have been done by a colorblind someone.
    That orange chair is totally groovy!
    Cloudy pickle brine might be from hard water or if you used regular table salt.

    1. Whoever did the bathroom obviously did it with great care, if not great taste. Soon, it will be a light pink with gold starbursts. That's the plan, anyway. Since there's some artistic talent involved (which I don't have), it's anybody's guess how it's going to come out.
      The orange chairs are supremely uncomfortable, but everything in the living room is pretty much going to be just for show.
      I ended up tossing the cloudy pickles as neither Hubs nor I liked them.