Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend thrifting finds!

To be quite honest, chickadees, I found absolutely nothing this weekend.  Rather than make the usual rounds with Husband, I went outlet shopping with a friend of mine.  Even that trip was less than successful, as I ended up buying one shirt and one pair of pants.

We did stop in at a Goodwill on the way back, but didn't find anything.  Plus, it was a huge mess and not organized at all.  So boo on you, Lancaster Goodwill!

Hubs and I stopped in at one of our usual GWs yesterday, but there was nary a thing to be found.  They seemed to be doing well with their 50% off furniture sale, but there was nothing that we needed.

So rather than post nothing this week, I made the executive decision to show something that I found some time ago but never bothered mentioning.


1.  Space Age mouthwash bottle!  Kind of a misnomer, as this started out life as a whiskey bottle.  I wish I could remember the brand name but it totally escapes me.  This bottle also started out life with a base on it that sort of matched the cap.  Unfortunately, it didn't survive the trip through the dishwasher.  The cap also started out life gold and I spray painted it blue to go with my bathroom.  So many changes have been wrought on this little bottle.

But not as many changes as this guy made:

Click to embiggen.  Trust me, it's worth it!

Look at the awesome lamp they made out of this same bottle!!!  OMG, is that the coolest thing you've ever seen or what?  I wish I knew how they did that because I would totally make matching lamps for the bedroom.

The picture, by the way, is from this awesome blog.  You should totally check it out.

That's it, I'm afraid.  Still going to link up with the coolness at Sir Thrift A Lot, and The Nifty Thrifty, but I'm embarrassed about it.


  1. I probably would have thought that was an expensive, empty, imported water bottle.

    they really made that from the bottle? it's not just similar in look?

    1. Nope, that is totally the same bottle! I'm guessing they filled it with colored water after drinking the whiskey--otherwise, what a waste!
      I think the company packaged their whiskey in fancy bottles for the holidays. I did a search on ebay when I first got it and they issued a number of really cool bottles. I only wish I could remember the brand name!