Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Thrifting Finds #40: Woo hoo!

Yeah, it was a pretty good week.  For a change.

First off, I mentioned last week that I was going to stop in to a little thrift that I had never been to.  Turned out to be not worth the trip.  It was a tiny little place, mostly women's and children's clothes.  But it was run by dear little Church Ladies, so it was fun to at least visit.

Anyway.  We usually do the bulk of our thrifting on Sundays, but this week we went to the Hubster's office and we filed and shifted files and basically worked our tails off instead.  The reward, of course, was to go thrifting on Monday since we were both off.

What we weren't expecting was the mob as Savers.  I had gotten an email saying they were having a 50% off sale on clothes and bed/bath, departments neither Hubs nor I are interested in.  Turns out, they were giving 50% off everything and word must have gotten around because the parking lot was jammed.

Well.  So back to the Hubster's office for a minute.  While we were there, I took a couple of pictures of his glass collection, in case anyone's interested:

As I told him Sunday, "If you ever decide to have a Margarita party, you're set."

We did hit our usual stops on Saturday.  Nothing at the Goodwill, but I did find a couple of things at the Rescue Mission thrift.  I always feel bad when we go there because we hardly ever buy anything.  It's one of those places where you pick out what you want, take it up to the front, and the person there makes up a price.  Not my favorite way of doing business, but the people there are nice, so I don't mind.

1.  Andy!  Again!  Yeah, I realize I just bought this album a couple of weeks ago, but I saw it sticking out and thought I could finally make a purchase. Plus, the cover's in better shape than the other one and still has the plastic on.  Rescue Mission thrift, $1.00

2.  Little Drummer Boy!  While I was grabbing Andy, Hubs started flipping through the records and came across this.  His family used to own it when he was but a tiny tot, so we bought it.  The jacket isn't in  very good condition and the record itself has a lot of wear, so we got it mainly for sentimental reasons.  Rescue Mission thrift, $1.00

3.  Singer!  I had seen this book last week and meant to check whether I already owned it or not.  Of course, I totally forgot, so I just up and bought it because I figured it wouldn't hang around forever.  Turns out I don't own this particular one, but a slightly newer edition.  Well, no big deal.  I can either try to sell this on ebay or just re-donate it because it was only a buck.  Rescue Mission thrift, $1.00.

And remember--"What's new for tomorrow is at Singer today!"

I just realized that I saw two individual end tables this weekend that I totally would have bought if they had been pairs.  

I'm going to save the best for last, so here's what I got on Sunday.

4.  Dinner in a Dish!  Here's another Betty Crocker cookbook that I just had to have.  I've seen some recipes from this book on some of the foodie blogs I read, and it looks like there's a lot of hilarity inside.  I picked it up and told Hubs that I was only going to get it if A) the checkout lines weren't too bad and B) I found something else.  Savers, $1.00 (half-price day.)

4a:  Disappointment!  I have been on the lookout for one of those microwave turntables because my microwave is quite old and doesn't have one (it's a genuine Radar Range, and when you close the door, it's like closing a vault.)  So I was pleased as punch when I found one in a plastic bag on Savers' Wall O' Crap.  Unfortunately, it didn't work, so it's getting tossed.  Well, you win some, you lose some, right?  Plus, it was Half-Off day, so it was only $1.50, and there were two random spoons in the bag as well.  

Have you seen what those turntables go for on ebay?  Crazy.

Okay, now for my Big Find.  Well, big for me. A lot of you find really cool stuff all the time.  Me, not so much.  So I was quite pleased to bring this home:

5.  Cathrineholm!  I saw this out of the corner of my eye and immediately thought "That's not Cathrinholm, it's some Japanese knockoff, right?"  So I picked it up and nosir, it's the genuine article!  No chips, no dents, one small scratch on the side.  The lid and stand were taped to it and the burner was inside.  I did a little happy dance!  It looks kind of pea-green here, but it's actually avocado.

I guess you want to know how much I paid, huh?  Well, I'll tell you.

Are you sitting down?

Four bucks.

I know!!

Second happy dance!  And that's not even the best part!  The best part is that I managed to grab it before Douchebag Guy* got his grubby mitts on it!  I kept wanting to prance around, waving it in his face and singsong "I got it and you didn't!"

Yes, I'm a terrible, terrible person.  I'm not proud of myself.

And you can bet I've already posted this puppy on ebay!  Special thanks to the Hubster, who determined that I spelled the name wrong in my listing (I thought it was Catherineholm.  Turns out it's not.)

And while I was at it, I posted a couple of other things on ebay, including the patterns I got a couple of weeks ago.

*Douchebag Guy:  This is a guy who is always at the Goodwill, checking the value of things on ebay, scarfing up everything before anyone else can get to it. Clearly, he's a reseller and this is how he stocks his store.   I once stood behind him in line while he bought--literally--$429.83 worth of stuff.  At the Goodwill.  So you can imagine the sheer volume of stuff.  I had one item in my hand, and he didn't say "Why don't you go first?", as I would have done.  Hence his name.

Well, so kind of exciting, no?  This was the best week of thrifting I've had in quite some time.

Oh, wait.  I almost forgot.  Time for our 

Weekly Dose of WTF  Saw this at the Goodwill and at first I couldn't figure out what it was.  I think it's a monkey.  I always like when people leave the batteries in things like this.  Enjoy the video.  

What I Made Department:

What with one thing and another happening this week, I hardly had to do any cooking at all.  So I made

Renae's Taco Bake!  This recipe came from (I think) a Taste of Home cookbook.  It's basically Chili Mac, so nothing to get excited over.

Meanwhile, it was 50 degrees yesterday.  Today, they're calling for 6-10 inches of snow.  Sheesh.

Since I actually found cool stuff this weekend, I'm proudly linking up with Sir Thrift A Lot, Thrifter/Maker/Fixer/FarmThe Nifty Thrifty  and We Call It Junkin.


  1. That glass collection is lovely.
    I love glass and wish I would find more of it more then just once in awhile but I guess that make the fine more special.
    The Cathrineholm piece your so lucky to find it I never find any pieces in our area.

    1. Thanks--I'll pass your kind words on to the Hubster. Frankly, I had no idea how extensive his collection is!
      I actually PASSED UP some Cathrineholm pieces a couple of years ago because I didn't realize what it was. Live and learn...

  2. First off, I'm glad I found your blog. Thrift store finds are one of my interests, and your blog appeals to the thrift store/yard sale/treasure hunting junky that I am.

    I'm glad you managed to get that Cathrineholm fondue pot. Cooking devices don't interest me but I am always glad when anyone finds just what they want and need at the thrift stores.
    I'm also glad you managed to get that fondue pot because you knew what it was and you plan to put it to good use instead of try to sell for a fast buck.
    Making money is great, but getting the most out of life is a value that money can't buy.

    1. Well, I'm glad you found my blog, too! Although you're probably not going to be so glad when I tell you that I am totally trying to sell that fondue pot for a fast buck!
      I already have a vintage, electric, Montgomery Ward fondue pot that I actually use. Having a small house, I don't have room for multiples, so the Cathrineholm has to go. It's not a color I'm particularly fond of, so by selling it, I'm hoping it'll go to someone who'll appreciate it more than I do.
      I try not to be a jerk, but sometimes I can't help it ;)

  3. Congrats on your big find, that's awesome! Love his glass collection, I recognized a thing or two in there. The video was funny, thanks for the chuckles. Reminded me of the scary/funny dancing one from before and gave me another chuckle. Thanks so much for linking this to the History & Home Link Party. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

    1. Thanks! Just be glad that there were no batteries in the beyond-scary Ray Charles thing I found two weeks ago.

  4. I would buy the singer book just because of the funky cover hehe this cathrineholm fondue is a great find, hope one day one will come to me, for now I just collect pictures of cathrinholm items on pinterest.

    1. Haha, it was the funky cover that attracted me to the Singer book in the first place!
      Hey, if *I* can find some Cathrineholm, *you* can find some!

  5. I love the fondue pot but I bet everyone is saying that-I really don't like the what price is this thrift stores, I always feel weird and then somehow obligated to buy whatever it is because I drug it up there to be priced

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I had pretty much resigned myself to buying the records and book no matter what the guy said. Still, it's for a good cause, so there's that. We don't find much at that store, so it's not much of a problem.

  6. Congrats on the Cathrineholm, now you are going to find more and more!

    1. I hope so! There are a couple of pieces I would keep rather than sell. I realized that there's a plate that goes under the fondue pot; I looked for it yesterday, but it was nowhere to be found.

  7. Eeeeeeeek!! I almost bought that Dinner in a Dish cookbook at the flea market yesterday. I wanted it so bad but the seller wanted 7 bucks and the cover was warped. I passed. I will find it someday I just know it :-)


    1. I haven't read it yet, but I think it's going to be good!
      Oddly, the thrifts we go to tend to have really new cookbooks rather than the good ol' vintage ones.

  8. Hello there! I followed you from Brian's Caker Cooking blog. How did I not meet you before now? I love reading about your thrifting finds. I too am a thrifter but my fellow thrifter buddy Sean and I call our excursions, "Trailer Trash Days" because we often throw in a game of bingo and chip wagon dining. Anyhow, now that we're acquainted, would you please amend your will to leave me your Dinner in a Dish, Betty Crocker cookbook. Thank you.

    1. Welcome! I'm glad you found me. Isn't Brian the best? What's a "chip wagon"?

      Consider my will amended! You'll get the cookbook as soon as I croak--as long as you don't do anything to make it happen any sooner than necessary!