Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Thrifting Finds: I'm back!

Well, kiddos, I'm frightfully sorry about the last couple of weeks.  Due to a couple of unexpected visits to the vet and a tooth situation, things just weren't looking good on the thrifting front.  We did manage to go to a couple of our usual stops, but we were hurried and well, I guess not very motivated.

Happy to report that we did a little better this past weekend.  Only picked up a couple of things, but I was pleased by both:

1.  Pyrex!  Sharp-eyed readers will realize they've seen me post a 404 before.  Yes, but that was a different one.  This one is in much better--though not perfect--condition.  While the first one I bought a few months back seemed okay at the time, it was really pretty badly utensiled.  I thought I got the marks off but they seemed to keep coming back!  This one has a few marks, though it's not bad.  It's one of the "unmarked" 404s, meaning it's an older one.  At first, I didn't want to pay the price but then I realized that I really hadn't spent much money at the thrifts lately, so I gave in.  $6.00 at Goodwill.

2.  Disk-Go Case!  I will admit that I've wanted one of these since some time in the '60s when they came out.  I see 'em on ebay all the time, but they always go for crazy money.  I found this one in the record section of the Goodwill with no price.  I'm always a little nervous about taking unpriced items to the checkout, but it worked out well for me.  I don't think I'm actually going to use this, as I don't like the idea of storing my 45s without their protective sleeves.  It's a nice color, though, and goes well in my den.  Just looking at it makes me want to fire up my stereo

and play some of my old Archies records.  Sugar Sugar, anyone?  Bang Shang-a-lang?

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  1. The case is fab. I saw one in an antique market awhile ago & told my BF we should get it (although we don't really have a use for it, besides display). Nice score!

    Sorry to hear about the vet & the tooth. :(

    1. Nothing wrong with getting something for display only (despite what I usually say)! I like the color and the shape and that was enough for me.

      Just heard from the vet that Honey still has her UTI. Poor little pupper. How's yours doing, by the way?

  2. Nice Pyrex bowl.
    The record case holder is something I've never seen before.
    I know what you mean about unpriced items at the secondhand store I never like taking them up to the counter for pricing it usually cost more that way.

    1. I can remember seeing those record cases in Woolworth's back in the '60s. Geez, am I dating myself?

      I was glad to get that bowl. Turns out I use the 404 more than any of the others and the condition of my other one was starting to bug me. Back to the Goodwill it goes!

  3. You have a neat record player! I had that Archies 45- I played it over and over and over - I even played it to my friend over the phone!!

    1. For a while, you could get the record free on the back of the box of Super Sugar Crisp cereal!

  4. I love the Archie's! I was obsessed with the comics when I was younger and have a pretty good collection of vintage Archie's drinking glasses:-)

    That Disk-Go-Case is awesome. I immediately started thinking of other uses for it since you don't want to use to store your 45's. I will let you know if I come up with something.

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Thanks for the help with the case, Erica! I'm not sure what you can do with it since it has that post in the middle.
    I always loved Archie comics. I still have a good collection of the digest-sized annuals. I started getting them in my Christmas stocking as a kid, and didn't stop until I was in my 40s!

  6. That case is really neat, and such a great color!